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The last time I heard about this couple, they were Founders Crowns, not Crown Ambassadors. It was just before Amway China put a ban on sponsoring and changed their business model. What is the source for this information (Crown Ambassadors)? Also, does anybody know what happened to all Chinese qualifiers who had qualified before the changes were implemented in China? What happened to the groups which existed? Do they exist now or what? For example Holly Chen & Barry Chi were Crown Ambassadors in Taiwan and Crown Ambassadors in China. Then, in 2003 they became Double Crown Ambassadors in Taiwan. Are they still Crown Ambassadors in China or did their Chinese business disappeared? Or, was it somehow "transfered" to Taiwan? Does anybody know the answer? --SP75

interesting questions. The TOP4 info is transferred from quixtarwiki. I'm skeptical about some of the diamond numbers in that article too.--IBOFightback 14:47, 25 September 2007 (CDT)