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Are you sure that they are really downlines of Dan & Bunny Williams? I have a video where Eva says that their sponsor had sponsored them and 6 weeks later left Germany and sold his business, so she called Amway to give them the telephone number to somebody whom she pronounced like Lee Pinner???, who has already been in the business in America for 10 years. I think this was probably their upline. She also mentioned that this guy had a brother who was Crown at that time (1976) in Canada. I really don't know any Crown whose name could sound like Lee Pinner. I have a list of all Crowns & above who have qualified from 1970 to May 1979:

Dick & Bunny Marks (Manitoba, Crown Ambassador)
Jim & Sharon Janz (British Columbia, Crown Ambassador)
Mueller-Meerkatz, Peter & Eva (Germany, Crown Ambassador)
Bernice Hansen (Ada, Crown)
Michel & Cecile Chapdelaine (Quebec, Crown)
Wayne & Kay Beaird (California, Crown)
Sterling & Evangeline Krause (Minnesota, Crown)
Tito & Glorin Bourasseau (Puerto Rico, Crown)
Dennis & Kay Beecher (California, Crown)
Chuck & Jean Strehli (Texas, Crown)
Jerry & Trish Hicks (California, Crown)
Dan & Bunny Williams (Texas, Crown)
Dave & Carol Kendall (California, Crown)
Jerry & Sharyn Webb (Texas, Crown)
Dallas & Betty Beaird (California, Crown)
Gordon & Eddie Ross (British Columbia, Crown)
Frank & Rita Delisle (California, Crown)
Art & Ollie Charlton (Massachusetts, Crown)
Charlie & Elsie Marsh (Georgia, Crown)
Stan & Ruth Evans (Colorado, Crown)

Peter & Eva joined the Amway business in 1976, so some Crowns could live somewhere else at that time (the list is from 1979).

Does anybody know the answer? I will post the mp3 of Eva's speech later this evening.

The speech is here.--SP75 16:14, 4 December 2007 (CST)

I think the Williams upline reference was from QuixtarWiki, no idea who placed it there. "brother" may also have been "brother-in-law" which means may not have the same surname.--IBOFightback 06:17, 5 December 2007 (CST)
The Gibson-Pupera-Echols-Williams LOS reference has originally appeared on qblog forum in 2005. The person who placed it there was jim70. He wrote: "Crown Ambassador Peter Muller-Meerkatz, who I believe is downline from Elmer Gibson-Pupera-Echols up to Crown Ambassador Dan Williams". I suppose that "I believe" mean he may be wrong.
From the horses mouth! MM have a blog! --IBOFightback 12:49, 5 December 2007 (CST)
Good work! :-)--SP75 15:46, 5 December 2007 (CST)

=> Lee Penner was the first german Ruby, in march 1976. His international sponsor is Jim Janz, nephew of his brother in law Hildor Janz (Dec. 2007). Hildor & Olga became Diamonds (1982) in Lees frontline.

=>LOS Mueller-Meerkatz: Gibson - Purpera - Echols - Williams - Campbell - Marsh - Elias - Dutt - Victor -Hansen - Bass - JaRi

I've got a LOS map of MM's Emeralds and above and there is a Diamond Janz sponsored under the Meerkatz daughter (Diamond). Does this mean that Lee Penner sold his business to MM and that their INTERNATIONAL sponsor is now Jim Janz while Gibson is their sponsor?

=>MMs sponsor was David Crowe, he sold his european business (perl at that time) 1977 to Elmar Gibson for about 35'000 $. Today at least 3 legs are Diamond legs, and MMs is about 80% - 90% of the european LOS. David Crowe later started some investment scams and had years in prison.

=> Lee Penner is not in the business anymore. His Foster was Amway Germany. In the 90s the MMs became fostersponsor of the Janz's. Jim Janz still remains the international sponsor. The Janz's were the international sponsor of the first swiss emerald DOBLER. They are upline to another big swiss leg with 4 emeralds and 2 diamonds in the last years only. They are sponsor to at least one Platinum leg in Italy also. Hildor died this year. His widow Olga is retired now.