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Paul Miller is no longer a Crown Ambassador. Approximately 65% of the Miller organization now links in with LTD (Larry Winters). Paul had a 14 year affair with his secretary (Leslie Randolph) now his wife. They have 3 illegitimate children together. Paul Miller and Bill Britt paid Rex Randolph (Leslies Husband) $2 million to leave the marriage and not spread rumors. Bill Britt also "illegally" took $1 million dollars from BWW funds to help Pay Rex off.

Paul Miller has went from 18,000 people to functions to less than 1500. --User:Washington

Millers are still on the NAFC, which means 20FAA+ points, so I find your last statement extremely unlikely --IBOFightback 05:14, 8 January 2008 (CST)
In terms of LOS, they still have the Winters team as part of their business. That's a double diamond leg, plus a few side diamond legs too. In terms of "system" numbers he has taken a HUGE hit.
Sure, but so what? In the context of his Amway business that means very little. Heck, it could even mean he's making more money from Amway, if Winters is doing a better job of building volume than he is. The poster above starts off talking about him being out of qualification and finishes with the function numbers. As you point out those two issues can be completely unrelated. --Swedeibo 09:35, 11 January 2008 (CST)

Skaggs lawsuit

DOJ will be prosecuting the Britts/Millers/Covington/Bells after the Skaggs civil suit is complete with felony Racketeering charges. The Skaggs' have volunteered ALL evidence in the case. If found guilty of felony charges Quixtar will be petitioned to dismiss all of their business' from Quixtar.

The Britts/Millers/Covington/Bells have defaulted in State Court. Judgement will be made by the Judge of District court, Columbus, GA. --User:Washington

I have interviewed Henry and Sue Skaggs a couple of weeks ago. They are doing great from what they say. They shared with me the trials and tribulations they have had with their upline. He shared details that he and Sue shared intimate private details to Kevin and Beth Bell in June of 2004, and what insued was hidious in my view. As Henry says, Kevin Bell blackmailed him and Sue into total seclusion. They have taken all of their tool money etc...Henry did share with me that he helped start a new organization called URA. It includes the Crowes/Renfrows/Sestinas/Ridleys and a few other groups. Henry did say that his former company IBS has filed charges against all of his upline and they will be served at the Britt Family Reunion in July in Greensboro. He shared about 2 hours of information/recordings/voice mails. I will tell you that this is not rumors and all that I have wrote is true to the best of my knowledge.

Thank You, a former fired up IBO--User:Washington


-IBS (company owned by Henry & Sue Skaggs) ask the Columbus, GA judge to bring the case out of default so the case could be heard with ALL evidence being made public. The Judge the Honorable Maureen Gottfried, accepted the request. The plantiff (IBS) turned over 14 cases of evidence and over 100 hours of recorded phone calls and voice mails to the legal team. The plantiff's also gave over 2000 emails of evidence. Along with this evidence, they turned over a disc with nearly 1 GB of information.

Early in July the defendants offered a settlement in the millions, but the Skaggs' would not give more information. They did share a letter that Bill Blue (Defendants attorney)sent to the attorneys of IBS to ask for a settlement. The Skaggs' have refused ANY settlement of ANY amount. They told us that NO amount will be settled on. The Skaggs' want ALL evidence to be made public.

The Skaggs' also shared an illegal overseas bank account that Bill Britt pays NO taxes on.

The Skaggs' just spent 35 days in the states (they live overseas right now, after death threats from one of the defendants). During that time they have signed agreements in writing with the Department of Justice to cooperate with criminal RICO charges AFTER the Skaggs' are finished with the Civil RICO case.

For any questions, please feel free to ask on this Wiki, or Amway Wiki, or Wikipedia under the discussion tab. I DO NOT make any money in posting this, but am a concerned friend of the Skaggs' and believe in the Quixtar/Amway business.