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One question: how should we spell Czech names? Women in the Czech Republic usually have "-ová" attached to their surname. So for example Jiří Šimek (husband) & Eva Šimková (wife). If we spell it the same way as the English name - "Jiří & Eva Šimek" - it would sound funny. In Czech they would be listed as "Jiří & Eva Šimkovi" or as "Jiří Šimek & Eva Šimková". So, which spelling would be best for amwaywiki?

1) Jiří & Eva Šimek (English) / Šimek, Jiří & Eva
2) Jiří Šimek & Eva Šimková (Czech) / Šimek & Šimková, Jiří & Eva
3) Jiří & Eva Šimkovi (Czech) / Šimkovi, Jiří & Eva

--SP75 07:47, 21 August 2008 (UTC)

Third one is the correct one. 3) Jiří & Eva Šimkovi (Czech) / Šimkovi, Jiří & Eva