Suresh, Partha & Sandhya

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Partha & Sandhya Suresh
Suresh & Sandhya Partha.jpg
Pin: Diamond (2009)
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Desai, Kulin & Mina
Notes:Upline Emerald is Dr.Girish & Dr.Purnima Desai

Suresh and Sandhya are originally from India, where Suresh earned his degree in Computer Science; Sandhya, her degree in Bio Medical Engineering. Suresh had a dream to live in the U.S., and found a job in California. They came across the Amway business opportunity through a colleague, and as often happens, were initially skeptical. However, after attending a BWW conference, Suresh's belief in this incredible business increased tremendously.

At the Founders Platinum level, Sandhya was able to quit her job when their first child was on the way. They have built the business with great focus, commitment, and perseverance. Now, as Diamond IBOs, both Suresh and Sandhya are full-time parents, spending lots of time with their two children, Shervin and Shefali. Their children have also enjoyed attending Achievers events and other fun trips!

"The awesome experience at Richmond FED 2009 is still very fresh in our minds," says Suresh. "It was so special to have our hands raised by our uplines Kulin and Mina Desai, Kanti and Lata Gala, and Bill and Peggy Britt."

"It was extra special to receive the "Britt Diamond" ring and the Diamond pendant from Bill and Peggy themselves," adds Sandhya.

Suresh and Sandhya have succeeded in this business due to their focus, hard work, and commitment. They also give credit to their uplines. And, they want to thank their parents for their great support and for the values they instilled in them.