Steve & Marcia Victor

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Steve & Marcia Victor
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Pin: Founders Platinum
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Victor, Jody & Kathy

Steve & Marcia Victor, Founders Platinum, started business in January 1994, Massillon, Ohio “My heroes are my parents. My dad was a second generation IBO, and my kids will be fourth generation,” says Steve Victor. “Dad set a great example. He built his business separate from his dad’s. He inspires me to this day.”

Steve met Marcia in college. Marcia says, “I was set. I was planning to climb the corporate ladder.” Hearing about the business helped her realize there were some things she hadn’t fully thought out. The big one was how to balance a demanding career and the family she’d always wanted.”

“That was plan A thinking,” according to Steve (Plan A represents the way most people work and live, plan B represents this business and its opportunities). “We like to say, ‘Every one needs a plan B.’”

It didn’t take a lot of convincing for Marcia to put plan A behind her. First she fell in love with Steve, then with the people in the business. She became Steve’s first IBO.

“Because this is a family business we spend time at the family office – me, my brother(Joe), and other staff members. When we’re done there, we head home to build our own business by driving the miles and showing the IBO Compensation Plan. Our purpose is to pay it forward, to offer hope, and to provide an opportunity to build dreams,” shares Steve. “We represent something unique because we are a third generation business. We have history, tradition, and lineage. We want to set an example for other families in the business.”

Marcia adds, “We encourage people to believe in themselves. When they become a part of the team, they are welcomed with open arms. We encourage people to not look at the past, but focus on a bright future. We also let them know that they are in business for themselves, but they’ll never be alone. We are a team and we create an atmosphere for people to win.”

What Steve and Marcia enjoy most today is being able to combine business with pleasure, being home with their kids, Kayla (11) and Cody (8) and having the freedom to travel and do things as a family, between speaking engagements, meetings, and training sessions.