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Soonye Training Centre
Launch: 1981
Leaders: Charlie Lee Kim Soon & Linda Ng Kwee Choo
Countries: Malaysia,Brunei,Indonesia,Singapore,UK & ROI,United States,Hong Kong,Korea,Japan,Spain,Germany,South Africa,India,Australia,New Zealand,Taiwan,Philiphines,Vietnam,Thailand,China
Notes: under TOP4

Soonye is a line of sponsorship within the Amway business. In essence, it was founded in 1981 and started by the first Founders Crown Ambassador in Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore Lee Kim Soon & Kwee Choo. It is also the the groups and organisations under TOP4.

Business Building Philosophy

The purpose of the organization is to help people become better individuals so they can build a successful Amway business. Soonye provides training and motivation to distributors within its line of sponsorship. This includes books, tapes and other business support materials. They also host seminars and functions in Malaysia.


Malaysia 安利马来西亚

Founders Crown Ambassador30FAA 创办人皇冠大使FAA30

Lee Kim Soon & Kwee Choo李金城 黄桂珠, Founders Crown Ambassador (2005)

Executive Diamond执行钻石

Ng Tiam Ming & Lau Meng Huey黄添明 刘明慧 {2004}
Simon Ong Cheng Sim & Siew Ping黄清森 卜秀萍 {2014}


Chong Kim Fei & Ong Peik Chew张锦莱 王俞慧{2008}
Man Cheong Meng & Poh Swan 万丈明 钟宝钻 {2008}
Hoh & Lim 何池龙(2014)

Amway Singapore安利新加坡

Executive Diamond执行专才钻石

Liu Ding Yu & Chao Chun-Pu刘定宇 赵君璞(2012)


Jane Tan & Ong Hock Guan王福源 陈桂英{2009}
Lim Hoe Cheong & Stephanie Goi林和昌 倪敏沁{2009}