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Nitin & Parul Soni
Pin: Diamond
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Shah, Raj & Sangita

Peace of mind... Although Nitin and Parul Soni were both highly educated professionals, they were searching for a better quality of life. Both were under a lot of stress in their jobs ' Parul was a civil engineer, and Nitin, a former NASA engineer, was working in the private sector. 'I was under so much pressure that I developed painful arthritis in my joints,' he recalls. 'I finally thought, 'This is crazy; I need to make a change. The solution, they decided, was to focus on their part-time Quixtar business, which was then at Emerald level. 'We saw the peace of mind our upline had, and we knew Diamond was where we needed to be,' says Nitin. 'So that was our goal.'

Now that they've reached that goal, their lives are 'dramatically' different. 'This is the best,' says a healthy and happy Nitin. 'It feels great to wake up in the morning and do the kind of work we like to do.' Their kids ' Sarika, 6, and Sunny, 12 ' have also benefited from their parents' lifestyle change. 'Their reward is having us home every day when they get home from school,' says Nitin. 'We play basketball, go get ice cream, all kinds of things.'

'I also think being around all these positive people has helped them gain an amazing understanding of the world,' adds Parul. 'They have very good self images for their young ages.'

Their business has afforded them many luxuries, including great vacations. Cruising around the Greek Isles, Peter Island, and Hawaii are the top vacation spots so far. Parul says, 'Shopping with uplines at St. Thomas was the best of the best times. We picked up a diamond ring for myself and a diamond bracelet for Nitin.' They recently purchased a brand new Cadillac SRX4.

Stick with the basics...

Looking back on their success, Nitin says, 'You can never get away from the basics prospecting, meeting, calling people, and showing the Independent Business Ownership Plan. But you have to do it consistently and persistently ' that's what it takes. It helps to have patience!' he adds. 'That's a virtue I learned early on in my life, and it's helped me a lot, not only in our business, but also in my relationships with people.

Parul says she's always been a people person, a trait she learned from her parents in India where she grew up. 'As a family, we were very social and always had guests over,' she recalls. 'So the first thing that appealed to me about this business was the people aspect of it.'

She and Nitin also appreciate the values they share with others in their business. 'We all talk about compassion and putting yourself in other people's shoes,' says Parul. 'That makes me feel very much at home.'

'You really have to look at life from the other person's perspective and feel what they are feeling so you can lead them properly,' says Nitin. 'Our uplines were the very best examples of that.'

Nitin and Parul are themselves examples for the younger generation. 'Today's 25-year-olds have seen their well-educated parents with double master's degrees and PhD's going in two different directions; working hard without any job security; and they don't want do the same thing,' says Parul. 'Their minds are fresh, and they're so accepting of new ideas.'

Nitin believes that to be truly happy in this life you have to be adaptable. 'You have to change with the times,' he observes. 'If you have to change your profession because you want security and peace of mind, then you move in that direction.' Now that the couple is in a position to enjoy a new life, they want to help others achieve the same thing.