Simatupang, Johannes & Roma

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Simatupang, Johannes & Roma
Pin: Founders Double Diamond
Markets: Indonesia

Network TwentyOne

LOS Upline: Wayong, Beni & Rainy

Johannes was graduated from Kansas University. U.S,as Petroleum engineer and worked for American Oil Company for 17 years, whereas Roma,she was graduated from Boston University, as a computer engineer and worked for computer company for 7 years. They started the business when they were first introduced by an American oil co, a friend who showed the plan but did not follow up. Then they were sponsored by local friend in Indonesia from IBM, who is also a Diamond Beni & Rainy. There, their tips which are the keys to build the business: being persistent and a humble attitude to learn the system.Their dreams and goals are helping a lot of friends and family to go Diamond!.