Sanborn, Fred & Jan

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Fred & Jan Sanborn
Pin: Diamond
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Stonelake, Robert & Lois

From Sing Out For Free Enterprise LP, VA-993, 1969:

Fred Sanborn and his all-Amway-Distributor Sanborn Singers are well-known to Amway Conventioneers. They sent the Convention sessions off to a brisk and enthusiastic start in '66 and '68 ... and again for the Tenth Anniversary celebration.

Diamond Direct Distributors Fred and Jan Sanborn were active and successful proffesional musicians when they first heard about Amway. They were so intrigued that they invited "that Amway man" to their home and signed up that very evening.

They brought the same rousing enthusiasm to Amway that they give to their music. Holding home care demonstrations and meetings all over Southern California, they became Direct Distributors. And they didn't stop there! Two years later they achieved Diamond Direct Distributor and since have earned Seminar trips to Acapulco and Puerto Rico. Now, sponsoring eight Direct Distributors, they have frequently ranked among the top groups in the nation.

While no longer active professionally, the Sanborn Singers, directed by Fred and accompanied on the piano by Jan, bring musical enjoyment to Amway Distributors all over the country. Besides being an accomplished pianist, Jan is also a composer. Among may of the "Amway" songs she has written are "What Is Amway" and "Recruit, Train and Motivate." These and many other rousing and inspiring favorites are recorded here for Amway Distributors everywhere.