Rudisill, Gary & Bernice

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Gary & Bernice Rudisill
Pin: Diamond
Markets: United States

Network TwentyOne

LOS Upline:

"There have been many personally satisfying rewards." "I was tired of never having any money," says Gary Rudisill, thinking back to the days before he and Bernice began their business. "When I was passed over for a promotion in my computer company job, I had to stay on second shift because I needed the $24-a-month premium. I really wanted to get out of debt." The Rudisills heard that friends who had "good, secure government jobs" had resigned to build this business, and that's when they realized there may also be something better for them. As a mother of two, Bernice initially just wanted to earn "a little bit more" to afford some extras for their children. But the little bit grew to be a lot. "Our family has enjoyed a great deal of travel as well as many other benefits," she says. "Both of our children have graduated from private Christian colleges, which was one of our dreams. Now we're creating college funds for our grandchildren." "Often the results come from unexpected places if you keep doing the basics," adds Gary. "Once we drove 2,00 miles to do three days of meetings and nothing came out of it. But another time we held two meeting that led to several thousand associates in a foreign country."