Rowe, Jared & Astrid

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Jared & Astrid Rowe
Pin: Diamond
Markets: United States

Network TwentyOne

LOS Upline: Webb, Jerry & Sharyn

While working on his MBA and teaching military science at the University of Texas in Austin, Jared Rowe, an Army officer and Astrid, a teacher, were introduced to the business by a fellow educator. Jared wasn't the least bit interested, but Astrid recognized the value of joining to buy products at wholesale.

For several years the Rowe's simply attended the functions and used the products. Finally, while at a weekend seminar, they made the decision to work the business. That same month they made Silver. Three and a half years later they were Diamonds.

Jared jokes that "most people who retire from the military must change uniforms, so to speak, and go to work for someone else. But for me life really began that day, leaving behind 12-hour work days and 65-mile commutes." Instead, he now spends time with their six children, the last of which was born the same year he retired.

"Building was work," said Astrid, "but I used to constantly ask myself -- what if this business would work for us and we never gave it a try. It's a question I encourage other people to ask of themselves. People should study these profiles. They will find someone in here they will relate to and the possibilities will become real for them."