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This is a now defunct LOA, or system, that broke away from Yager InterNET in 1997 with Double Diamond Gooch, Hal & Susan & Double Diamond Childers, Bill as it's leaders. Founders Crown Ambassador [[Foley, Tim]], who later founded eFinity had the largest group.

This line of affiliation has the largest number of tool disputes amongst their diamonds.

Double Diamond Hart, Brig & Lita reportedly was boycotted out of tool money by his upline leaders who have been poaching in their groups. They were later terminated by Quixtar and are involved in mlm MonaVie.

Crown Stewart, Ken & Donna also had disputes with Gooch, Hal & Susan.

TIF was a LOA that attempted to break away from Pronet. 3 diamonds were terminated and 15 others resigned from Quixtar around April 2002 when Quixtar declared their new system would be considered an illegal pyramid. Hart, Brig & Lita were the upline Diamonds to most of TIF's IBO's.

Anderson, Bruce & Wendy was a Diamond in Double Diamond Haugen, Randy & Valorie group. Anderson, Bruce & Wendy got involved in a business deal with Gooch, Hal & Susan that turned sour when Anderson, Bruce & Wendy found out that no royalties were being paid for using copyright music at ProNet functions.

Amway/Quixtar settled with RIAA for several million dollars. Anderson, Bruce & Wendy sued Gooch, Hal & Susan for his lost money as this business deal was Gooch, Hal & Susan's. He was subsequently awarded a judgement by a Florida Court. Gooch, Hal & Susan pushed for Quixtar Arbitration with their private JAMS court who overturned the original award that florida court gave to Anderson, Bruce & Wendy. Anderson, Bruce & Wendy had the majority of his assets siezed to pay off Gooch, Hal & Susan. The award amount was 729,000 to Gooch, Hal & Susan. Florida awarded about 1/4 million to Anderson, Bruce & Wendy.


Diamonds and above that were associated with ProNet

Founders Crown Ambassador

Foley, Tim

Double Diamond

Childers, Bill
Gooch, Hal & Susan
Hart, Brig & Lita
Marin, Carlos & Carmen


Executive Diamond

Carrillo, Louie & Kathy
McEwen, Terry & Yvonne
Pratt, Bubba & Sandy
Lizardi, Pedro & Patsy

Founders Diamond

Woods, Steve & Annette
Magaña, Cludia & Hugo


Andrews, Andy & Polly
Hudson, Thomas & Tammy