Potts, Brian & Gillian

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Brian & Gillian Potts
Pin: Diamond - 2002
Markets: Australia


LOS Upline: Grace, Peter & Beth

After a 4 year period in Amway Australia where no Diamonds had broken, Brian & Gillian Potts achieved Diamond in October 2002, having started in November 1991 (taking 11 years). They are part of the McKenna LOS.


Brian and Gillian have been in their own independent business since 1991. Success has been well and truly worth the effort, as they immediately recognised the potential to produce a passive income for their family. They had previously run their own construction company and whilst it produced a good income for them, it was very time consuming.

As Brian says, “I love this business, there are bright lights all over people’s faces in this business.” Brian and Gillian relate to Dexter Yager’s saying, “It is not doing what one likes; it is liking what one does.”

The key to their success has been the Team Mak system and support through coaching and mentoring. Brian, who readily admits that he likes doing things his way, eventually discovered that the support system available to him didn’t need changing. It works and now his family is benefiting greatly.

“If you immerse yourself in the system, you can’t help but succeed. Gillian and I just love empowering people and helping them to achieve what they previously thought was impossible. We are living proof that dreams do come true. The best part of all is that financial stress has been removed from our lives, it is a beautiful, peaceful feeling.” says Brian.