Pattaravorakulvong, Supat & Rujiratanalux, Praphaphat

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Supat Pattaravorakulvong & Praphaphat Rujiratanalux
Pin: Triple Diamond
Markets: Thailand

Network TwentyOne

LOS Upline: Matz, Peter & Barbara

aka ุสุพัฒน์ ภัทรวรกุลวงศ์ - ประภาภัทร รุจิระธนลักษณ์. Supat and Praphaphat joined in Amway business at really young age when still a student in university. His only dream in the beginning only to buy Levis 501. The business gives them great lifestyle and freedom. Now he share this business opportunity to other people and help many people to make their dream come true.