Morrison et al vs Amway et al

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Dr. Joe & Dawn Morrison, Kelly Robbins, Randy & Janet Councill, Dan & Helen Higgins, Ron & Karen Green, Victor & Cathy Brook, Dr. Marion & Jean Mcmurtrey,Dan & Helen Higgins, Dr. T. M. & Cynthia Hughes, Richmond Eagle Corp., Dave & Rose Roberts, Dr. Richard & Linda Werner, Tony & Maryann Cutaia, Warren & Donna Bird, Tom & Kye Yeaman, & Wade & Debbie Mckay


Amway Corporation, Rich Devos, Jay Van Andel, Dick Devos, Steve Van Andel, Doug Devos, Bob Kerkstra, Ja-Ri Corporation, Dexter Yager, Individually & D/B/A Yager Enterprises & Internet Services Corporation, Jeff Yager, Donald R. Wilson, Individually & D/B/A Wow International & Wilson Enterprises, Inc., Randy & Valorie Haugen, Individually & D/B/A Freedom Associates, Inc., Freedom Tools, Inc. & All Star Production Company, John Sims, Individually & D/B/A Sims Enterprises, Randy & Susan Walker, Individually & D/B/A Walker, International, Mark & Martha Hughes, Bill & Alyssa Bergfeld, Individually & D/B/A As Bergfeld International, Inc., Jody Victor, Individually & D/B/A Jevi Corporation, Mark Cordner, Billy Zeoli, Individually & D/B/A Gospel Films, Dennis James


On January 6, 1998 in Harris County, Texas, a group of Emeralds and one Diamond (Kelly Robbins) downline of Dexter Yager sued Dexter Yager and others (see Defendants above) citing fraud, misrepresentation, and intentional interference in the businesses of the Plaintiffs. Amway, on behalf of the defendants filed a series of counter-claims.

The Court agreed with Amway's argument that the case should be referred to arbitration. The arbitrator found in favour of Amway in all claims against it and in favour of the defendants in all claims against them, however on appeal the US Fifth Circuit Court accepted the appellant's claim that Amway's arbitration agreement should not apply and remanded the case for further hearings.