Menn, Stuart & Charmaigne

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Stuart & Charmaigne Menn
Pin: Executive Diamond[1]
Markets: United States

Network TwentyOne

LOS Upline: Zizic, Tom & Marti

"This business helped give me the opportunity to follow a long time dream of mine."

"The prescription for Stuart Menn was "Diversify." A successful internist with impeccable credentials and an Air Force flight surgeon career behind him, Dr. Menn wanted to "diversify economically so I could practice medicine without concern for economics or politics." Today he is a leading authority on sleep disorders, a field he calls "a hot public topic." Why the interest? "The explosion in Chernobyl, the Three Mile Island incident and the Exxon Valdez accident all can be related to lack of sleep. People like me who enjoy their careers can customize their professions to their needs, leaving time for other pursuits." Dr. Menn has lots of those. He's keen on Nordic skiing, American history, the theater, even the geography of the Hawaiian Islands, where he has a goal to build a home. And, of course, travel. Europe and South America are on his itinerary several times a year, and he has made more than 20 visit to Spain to help his business there grow."


  1. North American Amagram 4/1989