Meijroos, Jolande & Fred

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Jolande & Fred Meijroos
Pin: Diamond
Markets: Netherlands


LOS Upline: Payne, Tom & Sandra

Fred owned a magazine shop and Jolanda was accountant. They had a nice life, but their ambition was big. They saw this busines and start doing it. Their sponsor left back to USA and they build this business without upline. They work hard and after few time achieve a Platinum level. After ten year, they do not across to a Platinum pin. In 1992 they decided to do Diamond, but they didn't know how. They found that must have upine, which will help them. Fred travel to USA for find their upline. When Tom & Sandra Payne enter in their life, they understand power of the training system. After affiliating to InterNET, in 1995 go across stage as brand new Diamond. Jolande & Fred are still example for power of training system.