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Webster & Veronica Masenya
Pin: Diamond - 2006
Markets: Botswana


LOS Upline:

Botswana's first Diamonds, Webster and Veronica Masenya joined Amway in 1997, qualified Emerald in July 2005 and Diamond in 2006.[1]

Success Story

Diamond is for Everyone This is the powerful message of Webster and Veronica Masenya from Botswana. Webster, who has been associated with academics and the university of Botswana for many years, has four degrees in economics and business to his name, but discovered that life is for living, and more so, it is available to all of us.

Veronica used to teach in the day, worked as a coordinator part-time for another educational institution at night and as an IBO. In her spare time her she was a mother, a wife, a daughter, a friend and confidant. As she says, it only takes everything you've got and more! It is amazing to see how many people desire to change their circumstances, and yet they are not willing to change themselves. She also gives very practical advice to her fellow Amway-travellers: help people to understand and live the products, don't assume that others know the products, be positive at all times and there will always be positive results. Veronica believes in creating one's own reality through the power of the spoken word, the power of submission and the power of unity. We all go through the same experiences and there are always new lessons to learn and new challenges to face, but one of the most important things is to never allow someone else's opinion of you to become your reality. You can only control two things, your thoughts and your actions.

We have benefited tremendously from our association with Amway. This is the one business where the rising tide raises all the ships, Webster comments. The beautiful Veronica shares an equally powerful message: "create your own reality. Each one of us is in control of our own thoughts and actions. Don't allow anyone to influence you through negativity, your dreams should be so big that the only way to achieve them, is to start by bringing about real change within yourself."

Why are they so sure that it is for everyone? How do you become a Diamond? The Masenyas know, because they are living proof of this reality:

It is simply facing life's challenges one by one. It is obvious that the power of love is also a strong force in both Webster and Veronica's personal and professional lives. The admiration they have for each other and the love they share for their five children, shine through everything they say and do.

Webster's message to each person he meets, each hand that he shakes, each contact that he makes is that he desires to share his own success with everyone. Diamond is for everyone, regardless of how unbelievable this may sound, if I can do it, anyone can do it. Don't give up on your dream, we are all winners. No life is problem-free and yes, he has had his share of heartache, including loosing his father at the tender age of 16, and fighting a loosing battle against cancer with his first wife. He has also been down the road of over-extending himself emotionally, financially and physically by running up to nine businesses at the same time and through this, neglecting his family and above all, his own well-being and growth. The wisdom born out of this adversity is to live the process, understand and internalise each step.

Fail yourself to success! You must have someone scoff at you, someone reject you, many shaking their heads at you and at the same time never give up on yourself and those in your team, never give up on reaching down and pulling others up, while following the cardinal rules of the business.

Webster and Veronica joined Amway separately and walked their individual paths to success. Each one of them is a success story by themselves and together they are a beautiful love story: as a couple, as a team, as leaders and as mentors.[1]


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