Manz, Anna & Wilhelm

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Anna & Wilhelm Manz
Anna and Wilhelm Manz.jpg
Pin: Founders Executive Diamond (2007)
Markets: Germany

Schwarz Organisation

LOS Upline: Dobler, Lora & Alexander
housewife / motorist
Believe in everybody, but wait for nobody!

In 1989 we came with five small children from Kyrgyzstan, Takmak and started over again here in Germany. We had just moved into our new house, were short of money and wanted to earn 500 DM to 1000 DM. We looked for an opportunity to be free and independent. When we were introduced into the Amway business, we seized our chance.

We have always dreamed to have a Diamond business. Today we have got one and live our mutual dream. We have got more time for our family and know that the Amway business is the key that opens the door to a better life with happiness, freedom, prosperity and independence.

Today we are building our international Crown Ambassador business. We have got a lot of friends in Germany, Finland, Greece and the USA. We can imagine that with our help they all build the Diamond and higher. Our great vision for the future is to offer a lot of people in Russia and other eastern countries the chance of being free. But our main wish is that all of our five children with their families have a Diamond business of their own.

Manz have frontline Diamond:

Svetaschov, Natalia & Anatoli, Germany, Diamond 2008

international Diamonds not included