M V Bharatan & NeelaDevi

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M V Bharatan & NeelaDevi
M V Bharatan.jpg
Pin: Diamond
Markets: India

Winners International, Team one

LOS Upline: [[]]

Termination from Amway

Now Terminated from Amway

Success Story

I was born and brought up in a small village in Kerala. I was the third son among seven children to my parents who were very poor. I started my career as a hotel employee and after five years I managed to get a Government job that too as a clerk. My wife Neeladevi, who was working as a teacher also belonged from similar family backgrounds facing lots of trials and attributions during my school days I always stood first in the class and developed a habit of staying at the top and I dreamt of becoming rich fast and ethically.

We were involved in several businesses along with our jobs to achieve our goals. Although we worked hard, for years together we could not fulfill our dreams. That is when we were introduced to this amazing and wonderful Amway Business Opportunity. Our old dreams suddenly took shape and came to life and we felt that it is an ideal opportunity- earn as well as serve- and achieve goals.Now as Diamond Directs we are yet marching towards our goal “TO BE ON TOP” Today when we look back we realize what a great pleasure it has been to build up the Amway Business from the infancy to this such against stage, what a great satisfaction it has been to help others, including large number of close relatives, to achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams. Amway has brought us name, fame recognition, love, respect, security, and valuable relationships not just in India but also abroad

We consider the sea change in our personality as the single largest achievement that Amway has offered to us Now that we have got a powerful team “Winners International” which provides us tremendous support; everything is possible in life, if you have the will power to achieve it.We were nearing fifty years of age and had started counting years whatever was left of our jobs, and were anxious about our future before starting this wonderful business, but now we are in a climbing, conquering mood fully optimistic, enthusiastic and we feel that we have just started and we have a long road to travel Our conviction has carried on to our children as well. Our three children two girls, who have been married off to very eligible persons, have completed their MBA and our only son is doing his engineering. They also have started to believe that only Amway can give them a complete life we dedicate our success to the hard work and commitment of our team. We would like to thank our loving uplines for their extensive support and guidance and also to the Amway management for their co-operation.