Lo, Paul & Paula

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Paul & Paula Lo
Pin: Double Diamond [1]
Markets: Hong Kong


LOS Upline: unknown

aka 勞宜良、崔寶寶夫婦

source: Amway Hong Kong

Paul is serene, discreet and urbane while Paula is enthusiastic and action-minded. The couple complements each other with their different characters.

Clerk. Shopkeeper. Nursery van driver. Jobs Paula once took up at a time she got no clear target in life. "If it had not been for me starting the Amway business, I might not have the chance to change my life. Although doing the Amway business is busy, I find it meaningful," she said. In spite of the busy work, she spent time enriching her beauty knowledge and obtained a professional qualification. Influenced by Paula's enthusiasm, Paul used his spare time to develop the Amway business while working in a shipping company at that time. Paul's motto for success is "Have faith, stay positive and be persistent".

At Amway, Paul and Paula learn the importance of sharing. They are now deeply involved in community services organised by Caritas.

Their daughter, Francisca, has returned from Canada after completing university education, and is equally enthusiastic about community services.


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