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Arthur & Juni Li
Li Arthur & Juni.jpg
Pin: Triple Diamond [1]
Markets: Hong Kong


LOS Upline: unknown

aka 李家達、袁慧珠夫婦

source: Amway Hong Kong

Some 20 years ago, Arthur and Juni led a typical life of university graduates: secured jobs in the government sector. But then they decided to make a change. Since then the change has given them the uncommon freedom to develop a business of their own. "After studying Amway's background, reward scheme and products, we found that Amway stands out from other direct selling companies. It is a long-term and secure business opportunity. The co-founders' philosophy and vision also impressed us," said Juni.

We often encounter people who have no control over their lifestyles. "At Amway, we plan our work, and we are free from mundane pressure of work. I never carry a mobile phone or pager because I know when I would be needed. I would show up at the right time," said Arthur. Indeed, at Amway, financial protection is life-long. Although the couple is well-educated, they believe that people of any educational background will succeed equally if only they try their best.

"The financial reward of establishing an Amway business has offered our family a wonderful life. We can afford to provide our children's overseas education and live the way we like. In addition, Amway's travel award also offered us chances to visit different countries." Arthur and Juni's eldest daughter is a solicitor; their younger daughter, a MBA graduate of Harvard University, is assisting in the university's research projects, and their youngest son is in university study in Britain.

Success Stories

Juni's brother introduced the Amway business plan to her and Arthur thirty years ago, showing them that through their efforts, the Amway business could bring them long-term income and financial autonomy. They fell in love with Amway's quality products since then and longed for the extraordinary freedom this business could bring them. "We treated the Amway business as our life career soon after we understood it. We were fully devoted to developing and establishing our network, promoting Amway's products and business opportunities to our friends. In less than three years, we became Diamond Direct Distributors, and we began to experience the free lifestyle Amway offered," said Arthur. "We provided our children a good environment for their growth and all three of them were well-educated, each having different achievement. I guess all five of us having university degrees could be considered as our unique achievement outside Amway!"

In order to develop the Amway business successfully, Arthur thinks one need to learn to appreciate Amway's ideals and carry out Amway's spirit besides believing in Amway's business plan and products. "Just as persistence being the driving force behind Marathon runners to the finishing line, it is also a prerequisite for continuous improvement in developing the Amway business. In both cases, the winners are those who never give up. I actively participate in Marathon race and encourage others to join. Running the Marathon makes me healthy and strengthens my willpower, so I want to introduce it to the others while I am enjoying the benefits. The same for developing the Amway business, we recommend it to the others by setting an example of our devotion and influencing them with our actions so that our friends can share the success. All that we have gained today started from our relationship with Amway. Through our past efforts, we enjoy the outcome today."


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