Land, Joe & Lynn

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Joe & Lynn Land
Joe &Lynn Land.jpg
Pin: Diamond
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Fletcher, Kay & Carolyn
  • Former Diamond, United States
  • Reason of Termination: Rules & Ethics violation.

Enthusiastic? The word barely describes Joe Land's reaction to his first Diamond Club experience.

"It was awesome! We were thrilled to meet with (Chief Operating Officer) Doug DeVos and have a chance to sit down and talk. It's great to know that Independent Business Owners are the vital link that will make this 'high touch, high tech' business work for the future.

"Quixtar is really going places, and it's exciting to be a member of the team.

"Diamond Club was also a great opportunity to see new products. We were wowed' by the protein bars and the nonstick fry pan is a winner.

"We're inspired by the 'can-do' spirit and the unity involved in trying to make this the best business in the world."