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Seung Ho & Hyun Ja & Jae Kim
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Pin: Crown Ambassador
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Park, Myung Hyung & Seon Do
Notes:Also Emerald in Korea (7/2008); In thier LOS is over 30 diamonds

aka Michael, Anna & Jay Kim

Chronology of Achievements

1992 Entry
1992 Silver (Amagram Dec 1992)
1993 Direct Distributor (Amagram Dec 1993)
1993 Ruby (Amagram Feb 1994)
1993 Pearl (Amagram Apr 1994)
1994 Emerald (Amagram Oct 1994)
1996 Diamond (Amagram Mar 1996)
1997 Executive Diamond (Amagram Jun 1998)
2004 Double Diamond (Achieve Sep-Oct 2005)
2005 Founders Double Diamond (Achieve Nov-Dec 2006)
2006 Triple Diamond (Achieve Oct 2007)
2007 Founders Triple Diamond (Achieve May 2008)
2011 Crown + Crown Ambassador (Achieve 1/2012)

IBO Leaders - Seung Ho, Hyun Ja, & Jae Kim

Leading by example

When you spend a day with Seung Ho and Hyun Ja Kim, you will enjoy the warmth of their friendliness, hospitality, and graciousness. Whether you’re fluent in their native Korean or can’t speak a single word, you’ll get the message that your company is more than welcome. That message comes through in their smiles, handshakes, and even the enticing smell of homemade Korean dumplings wafting from their kitchen.

The good will isn’t just reserved for invited guests either. The Kims treat everyone in their lives, from neighbors to downline to the waiters at their favorite Korean barbecue restaurant, as if they were members of their own family.

“They truly love people,” says Jae Kim, Seung Ho and Hyun Ja’s 25-year-old son. “They believe that helping others is the most rewarding thing one can do in life and that is their passion. That is why they are in this business – to help as many other people achieve their dreams as they possibly can.”

The Kims are clearly successful at pursuing their passion. They have built the largest Korean Quixtar® organization in North America, with downline from Boston to Toronto to California. They’ve grown their business beyond the Korean community and all the way to the Triple Diamond level, thanks to their tireless work ethic and deep desire to help others.

“Many people had a dream once but forgot it because it seemed unattainable,” says Seung Ho. “A leader’s job is to help them get their dream back by motivating them and giving them confidence. I show people by my own example that ‘I was once where you are but now I’m here and you can be too.’”

“We tell people that this business is easy and we show them how by breaking it down piece by piece,” says Hyun Ja. “Use the products first to get familiar with them, then introduce the products to your friends and your family, then go out and work at getting some customers, and then work on approaching people about the business opportunity. Taking it one step at a time is the easiest way and we are always there to help our people at every step.”

They are so committed to supporting their downline that the Kims often cover the costs of their first large meetings until fledgling IBOs can grow their businesses enough to be more self-sufficient. They also frequently crisscross the country to speak at meetings hosted by their downline and provide their entire group free access to their organization’s website, which features valuable business information translated into Korean.

Jae counts himself among those his parents have helped – and in more ways than just as an Independent Business Owner. He started attending functions and helping out with the business by unpacking inventory at the age of 9 and he registered as an IBO at 18, but it took a few years for him to really grasp the magnitude of the opportunity before him.

“I went through a lot of typical teenage stuff, and I didn’t always listen to my parents or make the best use of my time,” admits Jae. “I knew my parents wanted me to take my future and the business a little more seriously, but they never pressured or lectured me. That’s not their style. They just led by example – always doing the right thing themselves, always exposing me to positive influences, and always being there for me.”

Jae recently became a partner in his parents’ business and, contrary to what some may think about working with relatives, doesn’t find it at all difficult to be in business with his family.

“I love spending time with my parents and really respect how wise they are,” he says. “We spend so much time together that we often finish each other’s sentences. I wouldn’t have it any other way because I think communication is a big key to our success. Communication skills are the most important for any businessperson but they are not that easy to teach. Technical skills can be learned but soft skills – the ability to read people, to communicate, to lead to resolve conflict – are more difficult.”

Seung Ho and Hyun Ja can attribute much of their success to those soft skills.

Hyun Ja and Jae credit Seung Ho with being the consummate leader, always having the vision for taking their business to the next level and the strategic planning skills to make that vision a reality. They’re continuously impressed with his understanding of psychology and how to prevent friction among people, promote teamwork, and make people comfortable in any situation.

A strong sense of humor is clearly chief among the arrows in Seung Ho’s quiver of people skills. He’s constantly joking with his family, loosening them up during their Achieve® photo shoot by trying to catch piggyback rides on Jae and playfully pretending to run off with signs from a nearby construction site.

If Seung Ho is both the family’s king and court jester, Hyun Ja is clearly its queen.

“My mother is like a swan,” says Jae. “She is calm and beautiful and elegant but under the surface, where no one can see, she is always paddling like a motorboat.”

Hyun Ja’s boundless energy is hard to miss – she’s rarely still, always straightening and tidying her surroundings, always ready to offer refreshments or a helping hand.

Hyun Ja is as hands-on with their business as she is with everything, always selling products and always prospecting new IBOs.

Jae reveals that his mother never lets an opportunity to share the business opportunity pass, even when she’s in the midst of travel. She once gave her number to an airport check-in employee, who happened to be Korean, and later also prospected her flight seatmate, who also happened to be Korean. They both became IBOs as well as friends of the Kims.

“My parents have the ability to recognize people who have the vision for how far this business can take them,” says Jae. “I’ve learned from them that there’s nothing more intense than sitting down with someone, looking into their eyes, and seeing that dream burning inside them. Finding 10 of those incredibly motivated people is so much more valuable than finding 100 who are just excited about a new business opportunity.”

Jae believes that pinpointing the right people has been instrumental in pushing the family business to Triple Diamond. Not that the Kims would ever dream of only showing the business opportunity to those they think would be most successful. “We have an idea of who is most likely to dance,” says Jae. “But we’ll happily play the music for anyone who wants to hear.”

A long road

It may sound as though the Kims have had nothing but smooth sailing on their path to success, but their journey has been a long one and the start was filled with challenges.

When the family first emigrated from Korea, they were living in a cramped apartment in Flushing – along with more than a few roaches – when they first saw the business opportunity. Hyun Ja was working long hours as a waitress, and Seung Ho was unable to work, recovering from a debilitating stroke that had robbed half of his body of its normal function.

Hyun Ja was the first to spot the potential that the business offered for their future, but Seung Ho was reluctant. Eventually, Hyun Ja won him over with her positive attitude and optimism – as she has so many others since.

The Kims struggled early on with their own self-doubts, unfamiliarity with America, and the language barrier. They overcame those obstacles by surrounding themselves with a strong team, including those more fluent in English, working hard to understand the (Quixtar IBO Compensation) Plan and the products, and simply never losing faith in themselves or others – even when success seemed out of reach.

They also credit their success to the exclusive products available through the business and support from the Corporation.

“The quality of the products is unmatched,” says Hyun Ja. “That makes them easy to share with others.” Favorite brands include XS™ Energy Drinks, Artistry® skin care and cosmetics, and Nutrilite® supplements.

The Kims appreciate the Corporation’s growing Korean language support, including increasing Korean web content, literature pieces, and even a sales advisor who’s fluent in Korean.

Multicultural and cross-generational

Despite the Kims’ success in and loyalty to their Korean community, they have no desire to limit their business to any particular ethnicity. Quite the opposite, actually, they have a fast-growing Hispanic downline and are happy to welcome all nationalities into their group.

The Kims also are quick to embrace IBOs of any age, especially those under 25. Jae’s increasing involvement in the business has been especially instrumental in expanding the diversity of their group across ethnicities and age groups.

“Jae has a real affinity for talking to all different types of people,” says Hyun Ja. “He has no fear of language barriers and finds a way to connect with everybody, no matter how different they may seem.”

Jae’s youth has also been important in demonstrating to young adults that they, too, can build this business, and in showing the older generation that the business can easily be passed on to the next.

“Being able to share this business with our son and leave a legacy for him and for future generations is so important,” says Seung Ho. “It’s truly one of the biggest benefits that the business has to offer.”

If the Kims ever had any doubts about Jae’s ability to take their business into the future, they’ve long since been laid to rest by their son’s dedication, enthusiasm, and people skills.

“He has exceeded our expectations in every way,” says Hyun Ja proudly. “Whether he’s mingling at an event, speaking from stage, or doing daily tasks like translating, placing orders, or returning calls, he does everything with commitment and passion. We have no doubt that he will take our family business to new heights into the future.”

The future is something that the Kims look forward to with plenty of excitement. Their goal for their business is to introduce the Quixtar opportunity that’s changed their lives to as many others as possible and to continue helping people achieve their dreams.

“We’re blessed to have good work to do every day, work that helps others succeed,” says Hyun Ja. “The fact that we get to do this work together and that it brings us closer as a family – that’s priceless.”

It is with great sadness and a heavy heart to share with you that Anna Kim passed away on December 30th 2012. She was just 55 years young, and was an amazing woman, wife, mother and business achiever & leader.