Keller, Ray & Karla

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Ray & Karla Keller
Pin: Diamond
Markets: United States

Network TwentyOne

LOS Upline: Andrews, Bob & Terry

They lived miles away from anyone, but that was just a detail; they had made a commitment.

"Ray and Karla Keller were on the fast track. They had well-paying jobs in Florida, a company car and a comfortable home. But Ray wanted an airplane and Karla wanted horses, so an invitation to get into business for themselves alongside their jobs seemed worth accepting. Then the company they worked for went broke, and with it went their car, their income and their home. Ray had been a high school teacher earlier, but he had grown up on a farm in Arkansas and he knew farming, so they headed there. Soon he and Karla realized that they needed options, and remembered the business they had begun. They lived miles away from anyone, but that was just a detail to them, because they had made a commitment. They were going to make this business work and devoted their full time to its development. They were now personally free. "We've been able to work from home and be there for our children from their birth," says Ray. They have a large home that is surrounded by woods on 17-acres, with a basketball court." They have made a lot of wonderful friends in this business and are living their dream.

When Ray was 25 years old and Karla was 22, they made the decision to go Diamond. From that point it took;

1 year to go Direct (Platinum) - 1 more year to go Ruby Direct - 1 more year to go Emerald - 1 more year to be in Diamond qualification -