Johnson, Roger & Pat

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Roger & Pat Johnson
Pin: Double Diamond (See achive Magazin: page 31)
Markets: United States

Network TwentyOne

LOS Upline: Dornan, Jim & Nancy

"The 'I believe in you' spirit they showed us really stuck in my mind and heart."

"From the time our sponsors first approached us it was six years until we got started," says Roger Johnson. "On an interest scale of one to ten, ours was a one." "Neither of us had a vision of what this business could do for our future," says Pat. "We both had image hang-ups, but we also wanted financial freedom. When Jim and Nancy Dornan needed one more associate to qualify for a contest, we joined, expecting to simply buy products at wholesale. That 'minor' decision turned out to be the major decision of our lives." She was a first grade teacher back then, and Roger was in the life insurance business. "If a person has never had anyone believe in them," says Pat, "they need to consider this business seriously. We've been blessed to be associated with the founders of Network TwentyOne since the very beginning. The 'I believe in you' spirit they showed us really stuck in my mind and heart. It motivated me to want to do more with my life. There is no greater fulfillment than having influenced someone in a positive, productive way."