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Marshall & Sherunda Johnson
Johnson Marshall.jpg
Pin: Diamond
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Taylor, David & Lorna

hen Marshall Johnson saw this business in 1977, he was playing professional football with the Baltimore Colts. He had already had two knee surgeries on the same knee, and as a wide receiver, "The future began to look shaky," Marshall recalls. Financial security now became a very important concern.

"When a teammate, David Taylor, showed me the business plan, I was more concerned about pursuing my goals in football," Marshall explains. After a month of persistence from David, Marshall decided to take the plunge. Marshall moved back to Houston, Texas in January 1978, and began to build his business.

"A lot of my friends, relatives, and neighbors told me that it would not work. 'It won't last. It's a white man's business. You are being used,' were all comments that I heard. Now, I had a new purpose. I had to prove that it could be done by an African-American who lived 1500 miles away from his sponsor. I kept sharing this plan '- looking for some people with their eyes open, a dream in their hearts, and the courage to work hard and ignore the nay-sayers. One by one, I found them. Even though I had to leave Houston to go to Baltimore for the next football season, I had a few strong people who held on to their dreams."

When Marshall returned to Houston the following January, he made the decision to go Platinum. When he left for training camp in July, it was not because he needed to go ' financially. By the end of August, he was released from the team. It was not a tragic experience. It was more like being paroled for good behavior!

Also in August, Marshall reached the Ruby level. Marshall's sons, Markus, Kevin, and David, were six, four, and two when Marshall went Diamond. Today, the boys are actively involved helping their Dad build his business. It truly is a family business!

"This has been an exciting journey, traveling all over the world and to most of the 50 states. I love being involved in the lives of people in a positive way, and my greatest wealth is my friends." Once, when Marshall moved into a new home, he left the furniture behind and made the old house an office. New furniture was delivered to the new home. Now, that's the way to move!

"I'm out here to help people earn their freedom. Freedom from oppressive bosses and bill collectors. Freedom to live in the home of their dreams and to find peace of mind. I continue to be excited about sharing the hope this business offers."