James, Ben & Margaret Ann

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James, Ben & Margaret Ann
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Pin: Diamond
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Ridley, Steve & Julie
Website: http://bww.com/

As Secretary of Commerce for the state of Louisiana during the early 80's, it was Ben James' responsibility to provide jobs for Louisiana's citizens. His solid business background made him well-suited for this position.

Ben holds a business degree from Southern Methodist University, a law degree from Louisiana State, and an MBA from Louisiana Tech. In addition, Ben's family owned and operated the state's largest construction company, and he currently sits on the board of Louisiana's largest bank and third largest electric utility company. However, the early 80's was a time of economic stress in Louisiana, with an oil-related recession resulting in a downward spiral in real estate values.

"At that time, our business was real estate development, oil and gas exploration, and banking," says Ben. Along with many other Louisiana residents, the Jameses found themselves under serious financial stress. Ben was searching for an answer when he saw a business opportunity in 1989.

"The magic of duplication and residual income was enticing, but it took a little time and investigation to realize that the 'necessary' dollars were available to ensure financial recovery," says Ben. A trip to his first major business conference and getting to know his upline supplied the belief.

The Jameses reached the Diamond level in February 1995. With their financial future secure, Ben and his wife, Margaret Ann, can once again concentrate on enjoying their seven grandchildren.

Margaret Ann is the daughter of their parish's five-term sheriff. She graduated from Louisiana Tech, majoring in home economics and child development. She has certainly put her education to good use, creating a beautiful home for her family. In addition to her volunteer work at her church, the hospital, and nursing homes, her favourite pastime is being buddies with their grandchildren.

"All of the grandchildren live within four hours of Ruston, and we love to have them come see us. Our home has always been set up for the enjoyment of children, with swimming, tennis, basketball, and a trampoline. Every year they all come to our house for Santa Claus," adds Margaret Ann.

The James' business extends into nearly every state and 16 countries. Ben says, "It's really exciting to be partners with so many leaders who, as they build their dreams, it counts for the whole team. Of all the businesses I have looked into as an entrepreneur and as Secretary of Commerce, there is not even a close runner-up to the multiple advantages of this business, especially the ability to offer economic opportunity to so many."