Holt, Roger & Roxanne

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Roger & Roxanne Holt
Roger & Roxanne Holt.JPG
Pin: Diamond (2011)
Markets: United States, Trinidad and Tobago


LOS Upline: Bundy, Mike & Susan




Sapphire July 2003

Founders Sapphires September 2004

Emerald 2007

Diamond 2011

Roger & Roxanne Holt joined Amway approximately 1993. They are based out of Orlando Florida. Roger Holt, a U.S. military academy graduate and former helicopter pilot, met Roxanne while presenting the Quixtar business opportunity. And it wasn’t long after their first cup of coffee together that they fell in love and married. Roxanne, who spent her childhood traveling the world with her diplomat father, says, Being a stay-at-home mom was what I really wanted.” The added income from their Quixtar business made her ream possible. Today, the couple’s blessed with three lovely daughters Kalee, 12, Aubrey, 9, and newborn Delaney. At first, choosing to become IBOs was about supplementing income from Roger’s job in a mortgage business, the extra purchases it would fund, and financial flexibility. Roger now reflects, Our Quixtar business pushed forward as mortgage and real estate markets slid backward. I t’s been a blessing for our family in uncertain economies. Today, their Quixtar business is the couple’s primary income source. But, for the Holts, owning this business is bigger than money. It gives them a sense of community, which strengthens their faith. Roger explains, It’s cool where this business will lead you. The camaraderie deepens our connections to friends and neighbors – within and beyond our country’s borders. He points to their growing downline leg in Trinidad and Tobago. Now more than 100 IBOs strong, it evolved from a friendly conversation in their hometown.

In July 2003 Roger & Roxanne Holt qualified as Sapphire. In September 2004 they qualified as Founders Sapphires. In 2005 the Holt team had 200-300 business owners attending major conferences. In September 2006 they entered Emerald Qualification and qualified Emerald in 2007. Roger & Roxanne Holt qualified Diamond in 2011. Their upline Diamond is Mike Bundy and are affiliated with the LTD LOA.