Hetnal, Mira & Leszek

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Mira & Leszek Hetnal
Pin: Diamond (2007)
Markets: Poland, Ukraine, Russia

Network TwentyOne

LOS Upline: Sala, Mitch & Deidre
Website: http://www.n21corp.com


Diamond May 2007

Success Story

Les and Mira first saw the business when they were hotel owners in the Australian Alps. Operating successful businesses, they were dreaming of more family time together, particularly with their daughter, Bianca.

Attendance at their first weekend seminar in Canberra - as part of the Tennant Organisation - convinced them that this business was the best option for people who wanted time, money and security, ALL TOGETHER. Les and Mira returned to Poland for the market opening and have been based in Warsaw.

Mira, an MBA graduate and management consultant sees the vast differences between this limitless business and the limitations in the corporate world.

Les, a sought after N21 speaker believes that living your life with CHOICE, is what you can call real success. Their business now spans many countries, offering them and their partners personal freedom, travel, exceptional friendships, and above all peace of mind about the future.