Hendrickson, John & Pat

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John & Pat Hendrickson
Pin: Crown Ambassador - 1980
Markets: United States

Network TwentyOne

LOS Upline: Stonelake, Robert

from ftc.gov submissions

In 1964 my wife and I were told about the Amway business. The person who told us about the value of the business warked as an employee of Amway Corporation. At that time Employees could not sponsor Distibutors. He could not sponsor us. We met Rich DeVos after an Amway meeting in Los Angeles. He gave us some advice and suggested we learn more about the Amway Business. A couple weeks later we went to an Amway recruiting meeting in N.Hollywood. We saw some demonstrations of the products being sold by Amway. Rob Stonelake (Now dead) showed us the sales plan. I thought it made a lot of sense. and we asked his wife to register us as distributors. We filled out the form and bought a couple products. Altogether we invested about $27.00. At the time we registered I was also co-owner of a new new Real Estate Sales Corporation as an "Employing Broker." I had planned that the the Amway business would fill the gap between our corporate expense and our income. The RE market continued to decline for me in 1965 and my wife and I decided to close out office and make the Amway business our full time income. By that time my wife had about 60 retail customers and we had sponsored a couple people. At that time I decided to aggressively start to sponsor a sales organization. I worked motivated distributord to do the same. After about six months of aggressive selling and sponsoring we were earning about $1,100.00 per month.. The Amway business, now called Quixtar, has provided a stable income every month since June, 1965. It has been our total business income for over 40 years. At the age of 80 I am still operating the business because my wife and I enjoy keeping active in the business at a much slower pace. The business has enabled Pat and me to work together while raising our five children. They are now educated and own their own homes. We believe the Quixtar business provides a good lifestyle for people who like to have a business of their own.