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Brian & Marg Hays
Brian and Marg Hays.JPG
Pin: Triple Diamond
Markets: United States

Network TwentyOne

LOS Upline: Ebright, Ray & Charlie

When Brian Hays left a high ranking executive position with a major electronics manufacturer to devote full time to this iCommerce business, the uninformed would wonder if this were are sound road to financial independence and personal freedom. But, for Brian and Marg, that's how it began.

"Today," they say, "we have the kind of fabulous lifestyle we always wanted. We have a lot of fun, friends, travel, challenges, opportunity and excitement!"

"A truck driver friend showed us that this business offered a great deal of freedom," says Brian. "We would be able to call our own shots and that was very important to me."

"I've since discovered that this business has no limit. You can use all your creative abilities and energies to accomplish your own goals. Whether you're looking for a small part-time income or a substantial income, such as we enjoy, it's available in this business," says Brian enthusiastically. "Anyone can to this business. Our organization includes people from every walk of life and every background."

"The thing I've enjoyed," says Marg, "is that we've been able to build our business by working together. It's a family business and all three of our kids have been able to participate. Such wholesome family involvement was impossible when Brian worked for a corporation."

Brian adds, "Most people who what an above average lifestyle are willing to put in extra effort. To them I say, 'this business is the greatest opportunity in the world today.

Brian and Marg Hays officially merged their International Connection (IC) organization with Network TwentyOne (n21) on September 21, 2007.