Hawkins, Bill & Sandy

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Bill & Sandy Hawkins
Pin: Executive Diamond
Markets: US


LOS Upline: Theron & Darlene Nelsen
Website: http://hawkins.wwdb.biz
Notes:Chairman of the 2008 IBOAI Board of Directors

Bill & Sandy Hawkins are Executive Diamonds affiliated with WWDB and are based in Minnesota. Bill was a high school teacher and Sandy was a secretary when they started in the business. They qualified Diamond within three years of starting in Amway and Executive Diamond in 1993. Bill is Chairman of the 2008 IBOAI Board of Directors and Executive Committee, and Sandy is Chairman of the Marketing Advisory Committee.

They have one frontline Diamond, 1994 Diamond Jim & Julie Harstad.

Bill is known throughout WWDB for his popular prospecting CD Powerwave.