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Fred & Linda Harteis
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Pin: Double Diamond
Markets: United States,United Kingdom


LOS Upline: Yager, Dexter & Birdie
Website: http://www.fredharteis.com





30 January 2008

Fred Harteis posted a statement on his website announcing his resignation from Quixtar[1]

Downline Diamonds

Disputes & Controversies

In 2007, Fred Harteis was named as a plaintiff in the original lawsuit launched by Team against Quixtar. Harteis immediately had himself removed from the suit and stated "At no time did I authorize Mr. Poyfair or any other attorney to include me as a Plaintiff in the lawsuit".[2]





Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

When Fred Harteis and his wife Linda were first married their future looked bright. Fred had a college degree, good work ethic and was open to personal growth. While Fred Harteis was in Agricultural Education and Building Trades, plus working several part-time jobs, Linda worked full-time in a bank.

When The Harteis Family began to grow, Mr. and Mrs. Harteis decided the children would benefit greatly if Linda left her job and had the time to dedicate to being the mom she wanted to be. The full-time and part-time jobs still proved inadequate to support the family. Fred Harteis began expanding his thinking into business ownership. After building several businesses Mr. Harteis realized the Quixtar Business System was a perfect fit. Linda Harteis could work with her husband to develop a business system to help people achieve their goals in life, as a family.

Today, Fred and Linda Harteis with Harteis International, Inc. and iTEAM have assisted tens of thousands of people build their business by teaching financial education, business principals and economic principals. Today, the Harteis Family continues to expand their operation worldwide. As their business grew Fred and Linda Harteis have had a place in their operation where their children, Tonya, Freddy and Annie can all participate and work to expand opportunities. Fred and Linda Harteis enjoy people and helping people to help themselves. Fred Harteis has many other business interests and continually grows worldwide.

Fred Harteis has also been on the IBOAI Board which represents nearly one-million people. He has served as Secretary, Treasurer, Vice-President and President of this prestigious board. He is excited about helping other business owners find success!

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