Harris, Bobby & Priscilla

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Harris, Bobby & Priscilla
Harris Bobby Priscilla.jpg
Pin: Diamond (1985)
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Spencer, Jack & Magee
Website: http://bww.com/

After coaching baseball and basketball, as well as teaching physical education for 16 years in northern Virginia, Bobby Harris knew that something had to change. Although totally dedicated to his work, he knew his career wasn't providing an income sufficient to support a wife and two children.

Bobby's wife, Priscilla, had been a secretary, but she and Bobby felt she should devote her time to raising their two young sons.

With Bobby working four jobs and rarely able to see his family, they were introduced to a marketing business. Their immediate reaction was, "Why not?"

Bobby stayed up all night reading the two books and listening to the tapes left with them by the friend who told them about the business.

At 8am the next morning, Bobby was knocking on his friend's door, saying, "We're excited about this business... what do we do next?"

"Strictly following the system was the key," says Bobby. "Through the Britt system, we were able to develop the necessary qualities to go Diamond." After reaching the Ruby level, they bought a five-bedroom home, totally furnished (largely through the Personal Shoppers Catalog), new wardrobes, two new cars, and a diamond ring and mink coat for Priscilla. They were also able to give more to charities. That same year, Bobby attained his freedom at age 37.

Through faith, hard work, and answered prayers, Bobby and Priscilla reached the Diamond level in 1985. This business has been their total livelihood since 1981, and their sons, Bob and Bill, have literally grown up in the business. They have greatly benefited from having a full-time mom and dad, and have enjoyed traveling to many exotic locations with their parents.

Bobby enjoyed being a volunteer assistant basketball coach at Bill's high school, coaching his son and the rest of the team. Both he and Priscilla were also thrilled to attend almost all of Bill's football games during his four years as a cornerback and safety at Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania.

They were blessed to have been able to send Priscilla's parents to the Bahamas and Hawaii for their 50th wedding anniversary. Bobby's dad and wife were treated to a Trans-Canadian Railroad trip through the Canadian Rockies to New England, which had always been his dad's dream.

Today, Bobby and Priscilla enjoy a quality of life they attribute to determination, hard work, loyalty, and having God as their number one priority. "We believe this business is the best opportunity to achieve what one desires in life... time, money, spiritual growth, and a quality family life. If we can do it, you can too!"