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Al & Fran Hamilton
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Pin: Diamond
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Brown, Gerry & Mary

When Fran & I saw the business, we were a very busy young couple. We had two small children,ages three and four, and both of us were working full-time jobs. Fran worked as a health care provider, and I worked for a major automobile manufacturer.I was also spending four nights a week pursuing an engineering degree. We livedfrom paycheck to paycheck and there just wasn't enough money.

Fran did not know about our appointment to see a business opportunity, so whenmy friend came by to explain the business, she was very angry. She wanted nothingto do with it, but I decided to go ahead anyway.

When I registered, I had to ask my friend to hold my check until payday. Aftersigning up, we did nothing with the business until we were faced with a neartragedy. Our oldest son almost died from bronchial pneumonia, and it was in theintensive care unit at the hospital that we made a quality decision to bringFran home from her job as quickly as possible.

We did not know how to build the business, so we relied on the person who introducedus to the program. With their knowledge and our work ethic, we were matchingFran's take-home pay in seven months. Fran retired from her job at age 27, andI left my job five years later, at age 33.

Our two children are both in the business with us. Eric, our youngest son, isactually downline in his brother Al's business.

So many things have changed since that hot summer day in 1973 when we first sawthis business. We have grown so much, both economically and spiritually. We areso grateful to God for all of our many blessings. We love this business and theincredible people in it.

Achieving higher levels in this business is our long-term goal; however, ourimmediate goal is directing our efforts in support of the people in our organization.Through this business, we have learned how to take our eyes off ourselves andfocus on the dreams and goals of oth