Halter, Jake & Frances

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Jake & Frances Halter
Pin: Diamond
Markets: United States

Network TwentyOne

LOS Upline:
Website: http://www.clsinternational.net

After several years of teaching and coaching, Frances and Jake began to question the fate of their financial future. As they celebrated with their colleagues who were about to embrace retirement, the Halter's found no comfort in what lay ahead for them.

Hoping to find financial freedom, Jake turned his attention to real estate while Frances continued teaching. When the bottom fell out of the market, the Halter's found themselves living on one teacher's salary.

"It was a sad time for us," said Frances. So, when a friend of Jake's called and asked if he wanted to go into business with him, Jake replied without hesitation, "Yes, when do we get started."

Even though the Halter's were new to the area, they adopted the motto, "Have car, will travel." Only 18 months into the business, they were making as much as they had as teachers. But even more important, they were having fun. Four and a half years into the business and all in the same year, they hit Emerald and Diamond.

"I can't help thinking what our lives would be like if we had stayed in teaching...Well, for one thing, our teachers retirement checks wouldn't even pay our golf bills today."