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Barry & Pat Grove
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Pin: Diamond
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Autry, Ralph & Betty

Barry and Pat met while he was studying electrical engineering and she was obtaining a degree in elementary education. Barry eventually went to medical school and they were married after his first year. He became board certified in three different medical specialties - Internal Medicine, Nuclear Medicine, and Diagnostic Ultrasound -and by the National Board of Medical Examiners. They moved to Nashville, Tennessee, where Barry joined the faculty of Vanderbilt University Medical School.

Realizing that his earning potential at the university was limited, Barry went into private practice in 1979. Pat was busy being a full-time mother and homemaker.

With an income in the top 1%, Barry and Pat thought that his medical practice was the vehicle that would allow them to achieve their goals. However, they found that they had little time to spend with each other or their children, or to do the really important things in life. The stress and frustration levels were high, resulting in Barry having bypass surgery at age 37.

Pat realized then that she had no security! When relatives showed them a business plan, Pat saw a solution and started their business. Barry did not get excited until several months later when, he says, "I saw other young professionals like myself who were successful in their fields, but who were financially independent and free to control their own time. I also found a group of people with good values, honesty, and integrity, who believed in free enterprise, and with whom I could be proud to associate. We decided to move ahead, and obtained the Platinum level in 12 months."

The Sapphire level allowed Barry to cut back to a part-time medical practice. They went Emerald in 1989, and Barry was able to fully retire from his medical practice in 1993, obtaining the financial independence and personal freedom that was their goal. "Freedom is the ability to control your time, allowing you to live life as you want, and do the things that are important to you," states Barry.

"We enjoy spending time with our children, Julie, who is married, and Randy, both of whom are building their own businesses." Barry is also an amateur radio operator and Lionel electric train collector. Pat enjoys reading, shopping, and decorating their home.

During their Diamond qualification year, Barry had to have shoulder surgery and a second bypass operation. "We had tremendous support from our business team, as well as the many friends we have made through this business," comments Pat, "and our business continued to grow."

As Diamonds, their reward is the time, money, and independence to live life as they wish to live it, with friends, freedom, security, and peace of mind. "We feel that this business is the very best career we could have and the most productive thing we could do with our time. Our goal is to help as many others as possible to enjoy the success and freedom that this business offers. Our vision is constantly expanding, and we can truly say that the best is yet to come."