Griffing, Joel & Ardith

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Joel & Ardith Griffing
Pin: Diamond
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Nardone, Angelo & Claudia


For Joel and Ardith Griffing, their 25 years in business has been a journey of freedom and flexibility. For Joel, a former mathematics teacher and basketball coach, it meant getting out of a lock-step financial pattern and into a performance-based program more suitable to his competitive instincts. "Anyone can see that there is a desirable quality of life for a family to live. It's just getting a financial vehicle in one's hands that compensates well enough and is secure enough to warrant being dedicated to."

An avid golfer and sportsman, Joel now has the time to enjoy these activities and the income to do it first class. For Ardith, a former music and elementary education teacher, the business has allowed her to be a full-time mother, from day one, for their two children, Quinn and Josh, while still having a hand in developing and securing the family finances.

"Living life's experiences each day with our kids has been a marvelous and irreplaceable adventure! It only happens once, and I'm grateful to have been able to have shared the trip." Ardith has also had the time to pursue her love of singing, in church and in local productions.

The Griffing household is one of constant activity... skiing, boating, school functions, another trip to a favored vacation spot, church and charitable events, shopping sprees, and "just one more" golf tournament, all mixed in with business meetings and time spent with the great friends from their business.

Central to all of this is their abiding faith in God, which maintains balance and insures a proper perspective. "Without this business, we'd still be living life like 'Second-Hand Rose,' burned-out, and without much hope of it ever changing. We thank God every day."