Gilmour, Greg & Kathy

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Greg & Kathy Gilmour
Pin: Diamond
Markets: US


LOS Upline: Terry & Linda Felber

The Gilmours are based in Wisconsin and qualified Diamond in 1994. Their upline is Double Diamond Terry Felber. Mike Popovich has given Greg Gilmour the credit for his involvement in the business. Had it not been for Greg Gilmour's charisma on stage, Mike would not have taken a serious interest in Quixtar.

They have 1 downline Emerald, John & Deanna Gilmour.


  • "Ron Puryear is right."
  • "Multi-tasking for a man, is peeing in the shower"
  • "Show the Plan, Use the Junk"


  • Greg Gilmour was in an Irish folk band, the Gilmour Bros. with his brother, John Gilmour. From 1975-1982 the band released five albums. Greg's talent as a musician covered a wide variety of instruments. He also offered his vocals to the band as well.


  • On November 11, 1999, the Wisconsin Court System filed a case number 1999TW001590 citing a case of the Department of Revenue vs Gilmour, Gregory. Kathleen Gilmour was a co-defendent on the case. It was in relation to a civil judgement for a deliquent tax warrant for the amount of $6,722.32. The judgement for the case was on July 14, 1999. Of the $6,722.32, $6,036.00 was in relation to income tax and the remaining $686.32 was interest on the verdict.
  • On the same day in November, case number 1999TW001589 was filed as well. Once again, the defendents were named as Gregory and Kathleen Gilmour. The judgement for the case was on October 27, 1998 for the amount of $7,878.35. $6,479.00 of that amount of of income tax, while the remaining $1,399.35 is from the interest of the verdict.

According to the Wisconsin Court System's online database, both cases have not been dismissed and the status of each is still marked as active.

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