Ghannadan, Ali

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Ali Ghannadan
Pin: Diamond - 2006
Markets: Philippines

Network 21

LOS Upline:

Ali Ghannadan was born in Iran, but in pursuit for a better life and success, he came to America more than thirty years ago. He earned two different Engineering degrees and worked as a Design Engineer for an Aerospace company.

Ali worked his way up the corporate ladder from Design Engineer to Project Engineer to Operations Manager, Director of Engineering, and finally, Director of Marketing.

Even though Ali was very successful in his career, Ali found that he did not like the lifestyle of his career, especially the politics involved with his staff and boss. He wanted more money, more freedom, less stress, and more control over his future, but none of these could be achieved in his job without any strings attached.

When Ali learned about the Amway business, he knew it was the vehicle to get him where he wanted to be. Ali developed a global business in America, Asia, and Europe. Today, Ali resides in the Philippines with his wife, Karen, where he leads and manages his International Business.