Gerloff, Don & Margaret

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Don & Margaret Gerloff
Pin: Diamond
Markets: United States

Network TwentyOne

LOS Upline: Shay, Pat & Liz

Don and Margaret first saw the marketing plan in Texas during a Christmas visit from their home in Florida. They remember being very unimpressed when Margaret's brother started scribbling the plan in the sand outside the house, too excited to even let them get inside.

"I only spent a few seconds watching. It wasn't very professional and we were not interested," said Margaret. "But Don told him that if it would help him, we would buy a couple of kits and maybe use the products."

True to her promise, Margaret looked up a supply source back in Florida. It wasn't long after, that Margaret started going to the meetings. They recall Margaret coming home to Don excited, saying people were making money. It took a while, but as Margaret puts it, "Good ol' Don finally went to a meeting and saw the real potential." A year later they were Platinum's.

Now as Diamonds, they try to help others realize the potential a little faster than they did. "The next five years are going to pass whether you do this or not. The question is: what else could you do that has the capability of giving you such a grand lifestyle in five years?"