Fratantuno, Al & Mary Anne

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Al & Mary Anne Fratantuno
Al & Mary Anne Fratantuono.JPG
Pin: Executive Diamond
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Zeender, Robert & Jacqueline

When Al and Mary Anne saw the business plan, they were both working in the defense industry. Al was an electronic engineer, working on state-of-the-art electronic warfare systems for U.S. Naval surface warships, and Mary Anne was involved in computer-aided naval ship design and construction.When they first saw the business, they never imagined it would lead them to such a tremendous future. "We remember the days when we didn't think we would ever have a chance like this in life. Our self-images were such that we thought everyone else would do better than us. But this business is for everyone, if you have a dream and just go for it,' agree Al and Mary Anne.

"We've been free for over 25 years. It's a wonderful lifestyle... financial rewards; wonderful friendships; free trips to exotic places that most people only dream about; freedom to live where we want; do what we want; go where we want; and no boss to answer to.

In short, now we're living life to its fullest, rather than just watching it go by,' laughs Al.

Their advice: "There's no question that this business is real and can work for anyone. Doing this business is a smart move. It has always made a lot of sense, but even more so in today's financial climate of cutbacks, layoffs, pink slips, and pension uncertainties.

"Our leaders, Bill and Peggy Britt, have a proven system to plug into to help anyone build this business. Get involved and come join us!"