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ⓕ forever and a day ℠
Forever and a day logo.png
Launch: 2004
Leaders: Bobby Naruss & Nuchie MaHakkapong
Countries: Thailand , United States , Canada , Philippines , Vietnam , Hong Kong , Australia , New Zealand , Korea , Taiwan , Malaysia , Singapore
Notes: none


forever and a day ℠ Line of Sponsorship (LOS) originates from Thailand in 2004, leaded by Executive Diamond Bobby Naruss & Nuchie MaHakkapong and the Diamonds. ⓕ forever and a day ℠ is one of the largest Amway's Generation Y organizations in the world with a massive number of Diamonds, Emeralds and Platinums qualifying under the age of 30. A lot of their young success examples can be seen in many countries in Southeast Asia like Thailand and Vietnam.

forever and a day ℠ brings Gen Y cultures, intense leadership development program, true Amway values, the Founders' philosophy and technology to drive sustainable, duplicatable, long-term business building to young people across the globe. Today ⓕ forever and a day ℠ LOS and iLOS exist in Thailand, United States, Canada, the Philippines, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore.

Official F&AD℠ Qualifiers

Double Diamonds

Bobby Naruss & Nuchie MaHakkapong, Double Diamond, Thailand (2014)

Rathee Mangcararangsi & Niyuthtarat Chamapun - (Ninoy & Oeh), Double Diamond, Thailand (2014)


Butrpoth Pholpipattanapong - (Park), Diamond, Thailand (2009)

Tanat Panitingorn & Panida Tanpradit - (Brian & Emmy), Diamond, Thailand (2011)

Kitja Watcharapichat & Chenchira Lamueangrit - (Michael & Jenny), Diamond, Thailand (2013)

Watanakul Mangkalarungsi & Chisanuch Mingmonkol - (Will & Christina), Diamond, Thailand (2014)

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