Fondren, Marnie

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Marnie Fondren
Pin: Diamond
Markets: United States

Network TwentyOne

LOS Upline: Zampa, Hank & Carol

"Even successful 'corporate vagabonds' yearn to establish roots for their family."

"Marnie Fondren was an IBM systems engineer for several years, but when her first child was born she retired "joyfully." Her husband, Bill, a former naval officer, was a 19-year IBM veteran who worked more than 60 hours a week. "We were in our sixth home in twelve years," Marnie remembers, "and we knew that in a few more years Bill would be moved again. There comes a time when even successful 'corporate vagabonds' yearn to establish roots for their family. After a lot of thinking, we realized that this business could be the answer to our dream of not needing to move anymore. Bill and I met our personal goals and he regained control of 60 hours per week of his life. That was a true lifestyle change." With their children, Bill and Marnie made priceless memories, including time at their Canadian lakeside cabin, fishing and watching sunsets together. "This is a family business where we have made so many wonderful friends. When we learned that Bill had a medical problem for which there was not cure, we were touched by the prayerful support of a multitude of friends. It was the best medicine available for Bill. He left us with a great legacy of integrity and a courageous spirit."