Dutta, T.D. & Suparna

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T.D. & Suparna Dutta
Pin: Founders Diamond
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Gala, Kanti & Lata
Notes:Upline Emerald is Tushar & Debjani Chakraborty

It was absolutely a dream come true when our hands were raised for the first time as brand new Diamonds on the FED stage in Baltimore by our uplines Kanti and Lata, Kanti and Hemi, and Bill and Peggy Britt. It was truly a lifetime experience, standing there in front of thousands of people, cheering, laughing, and crying as the 'Rocky' theme was played. This scenario was again repeated at FED in Raleigh, North Carolina and in Dallas, Texas.

It was an incredible experience, traveling across the USA to the different FEDs, and meeting the great BWW leaders who helped us immensely through their tapes and seminars. Spending special time with Bill and Peggy in their suite, along with our colleagues, the other new Diamonds of 2002, was priceless. In fact, there is no price too big to pay in order to spend a few minutes with this incredible couple who have changed millions of lives around the world. Now, we are looking forward to Hawaii and Peter Island! This business has totally changed our lives, and it's there for anyone who has a dream and is willing to make a commitment and work hard towards their goals.


Downline Diamond