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Ariel and Ambec Driz
Pin: Diamond
Markets: Philippines

Network TwentyOne

LOS Upline:
Website: http://www.n21.com

Success Story

From Amway Phillipines

Wanting to be above the average

Both having a good job, Ariel and Ambec Driz had been a typical happily married young couple. Ariel was working in the field of Semi-Conductors while Ambec was a Human Resources practitioner. But the couple has always had big dreams.

"We wanted a better life for our immediate and extended families, a chance to serve the Lord, a fulfilling career, a venue to grow in and make a difference in others' lives," said Ariel. "We never wanted to be average," he added.

It was 10 years ago when the couple was first exposed to the idea of starting an independent business. Ariel was invited to a friend's house to attend a "business meeting" where he even arrived late. Nevertheless, the passion and excitement of the speaker as she facilitates the presentation captured his interest.

Seeing the Amway Sales and Marketing Plan for the first time, Ariel can't help his excitement and immediately booked a follow-up meeting with the speaker whom he describes as "sharp, professional and very eloquent". It was Olive Fernandez, herself an Amway Diamond distributor, who turned out to be the couple's mentor in running their own business.

The couple entertained the idea of starting their own business with excitement. Both don't have any experience in handling business but the thrill of being exposed to the opportunity and the promise of the business was empowering.

Conquering the odds

Exactly a month after, the couple started on developing their networks. It was tough at first as they were faced with the challenges of the business. Specifically, the couple had a hard time in finding the right people to do business with. But it was the remark from a mentor that keeps them going: "To attract the right people, you must be the right person. You will recognize him/her because it will be like looking in the mirror".

It was a learning experience for the couple as they were set to find the right people of whom to share their hope in this new venture. Dealing with people and presenting the plans to them was crucial. With this, the couple learned to focus on the positives and ignore the negatives and entrusted the success of their venture to Him.

Hitting it slowly but surely

On the third year, the couple was sure they know the business fairly well to keep them going. True enough, a remarkable development on their business is seen almost every month. The couple's secret - sticking to short-term goals and making more people realize the essence of the bigger picture.

It was in September 1999 that the Driz's finally reached the Silver status. A year after, the couple rises up to the Platinum level then shortly, to Ruby level. In April 2002, the couple attained the Emerald status.

"We moved inch by inch, one step at a time. We met our goals, our prayers were answered. It was hard work but we focused on the results, not the effort," said Ariel.

The goal to reach the Diamond status became concrete in one of the couple's business trips. It was a question, of whether they are now in Diamond qualifications, from a Diamond status holder from Malaysia that struck the desire to go Diamonds. Ariel even noted himself announcing among peers that they will attain the Diamond status.

Accordingly, in 2006, Ariel and Ambec Driz were officially awarded as Amway's new Diamond IBOs in the Philippines.