Diamond, Mark & Phyllis

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Mark & Phyllis Diamond
Pin: Diamond
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Nardone, Angelo & Claudia

Back in 1970, I embarked on what I thought was a good career with the Federal Government, ready to get on with 'real life.' Soon, I discovered that 'real life' was no picnic.

After several promotions, it seemed like a good idea to buy a house ' based on expected career advancement and income growth. It didn't take long to realize, everything I made went right into the house. After six years, there seemed to be no end in sight.

I was ready for anything that could help me better my situation. I was so excited when I returned home from a meeting, where I first heard all about this business. With the help of an incredibly supportive upline, combined with a powerful system, I went Platinum in two years, in spite of my huge fear of showing the plan. My government job was not going as expected, and I became even more motivated to build my own business. So, after three years, I left my job, at age 31, to build my business fulltime. I made it to Emerald very quickly, and after 3�' years of Bill Britt referring to me as 'Mark Emerald,' I was determined to follow my upline friends to Diamond Club!

Has it been worth it? You bet! I can now afford my home, I travel the world ' literally, I have no boss, but I do have as friends some of the finest people, with the best values and principles you could ever hope to find. And, without a job to go to every day, I have the time and the freedom to enjoy it all!