Deaton, Pam & Dorsey

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Pam & Dorsey Deaton
Pin: Double Diamond
Markets: United States

Network TwentyOne

LOS Upline:

When the Deaton's look back at their success, what stands out is what they've been able to do for their friends. "At first, we didn't want to impose on our friends," says Dorsey, a college professor. "But for the people who joined us, this business has changed their lives for the better."

Pam, a former mental health counselor, describes her feelings. We began to meet people we respected, the kind of people we wanted to be. And we began to change. Since our lives have always been based on the ministry and helping others, this was very gratifying."

Now their son, a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Vanderbilt, is a full-time Platinum. Says Jeff Deaton, "even though I have a Master's Degree, this business offers a lifestyle and such substantial income that I just didn't want to leave behind."